Welcome to the Journey of your life!

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Fall sunset against old wild Cherry tree over 5 path star labyrinth

What Is A Labyrinth?

Many find it a metaphor for the twists and turns of our earth walk. In ancient times labyrinths served as a metaphor for spiritual pilgrimage.  A tool for focusing our energy & intent, labyrinths offer the opportunity to connect to your higher self, tapping into universal wisdom as well as your own intuition. Labyrinths have been found all over the world and appear in the art, pottery, carvings, buildings & other archeology of Native American, Christian, Aboriginal & European Pagan cultures. From the most ancient Goddess spirals to many different 7-path patterns to the more complex 11-ring labyrinth found in the Chartres cathedral in France & popularized in the 20th century, reviving contemporary interest in this ancient form.
  “Labyrinths Turn us On!”   
                                                           ……...Binah, 2003 

Welcome to the Journey of your Life!


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