Here we will share links to our friends and/or their websites... to those who love and support us and who we love and support. It may take me a while to 'populate' this page... so hope you will be patient and let me know how it seems as it grows.

If you are looking for an amazing holistic practitioner, a massage therapist or bodyworker, a spiritual counsellor, an internationally recognized photographer, a dog sitter, a drummer, a teacher or a landscaper... If you are looking for a peace pole, special stone, a flower or gem essence, if you are looking for a beautiful silk scarf or a hand-turned wooden goblet... you may find them here. If you are looking for info on raw food, a nutritionist, information about animal chiropractic or raw feeding or if you are on a search for community and information about local happenings... look no further... there's a link here... a connection to help you get onto the right path... and headed in the direction of your intention. Blessings on your journeys... if you'd like to be included here... send me an email (there will be a new emai... I promise, give me a week or so) and put FRIENDS LINK UP HERE in the subject line.

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Links to Articles on Our Site


  1. Marketing Tips for a Green Global Economy

  2. Redesigning Organizations for Harmonious High Performance

  3. Small Business Owners: Achieving a Work/Life Balance

Useful Web Links
A terrific resource for background information on practically everything.
Healthy eating resources, news, websites.

News and discussion for the advanced web professional.

Lease Assistant
Has practical information about the mechanics of equipment leasing and financing.

Government Information
Useful statistics gathered by the U.S. government.

Internal Revenue Service
Surprisingly helpful and informative, and includes offers for free services, CD-ROMS, and publications.

Web site for Institution of Safety and Health professionals; includes publications, articles, and a discussion forum.

Export Hotline
This site will help you evaluate international opportunities.

We will be updating these links frequently so be sure to check back often.