Embracing Change?  Balance, beyond walking a thin line...        


               What is balance? How do I balance it all?  

                           The rhetoric… Gently, one day at a time. One piece at a time. Breathe…

Beyond that ask 3 questions:  Where am I, who am I and what am I doing here?  

Perspectives…  How are you seeing ‘it’?

Where is your focus?   What do you want? How does what you don’t want help redefine it? Are you focusing on the unwanted, adding to resistance, building resentment, anger, worry, fear?  

Tools…  What works for you? How do you support your ‘self’

Who supports you? You are not alone! Get a massage, acupuncture, reflexology

What do you do for yourself? A salt bath? Yoga, meditation?

Find a teacher, counselor, expand your positive community

Carolyn Myss, Sacred Contracts … 2 prayers:  ‘send help’… ‘SEND HELP NOW!’

Vibrational awareness…  How does your light shine?

Are you overwhelmed? spinning, spacey, scattered? use this easy correction!

Am I present? Grounded? try Laughing Buddha or the ‘f/o hold’

Do I make ‘whole brain’ choices?  Brain balance with Shamballa energy or Labyrinth (finger?) walk*

Am I coherent? Check out Heartmath’s Quick Coherence technique Heart focus, breathe, feeling*

What (who?) is missing? Consider past life, spiritual releasement, soul  retrieval work?

Where is your energy? Watch Donna Eden, Daily energy routines Energy Exercises3 thumps: k27, thymus, spleen; zip up thumps and more!*

Service:  If the universe gives back in kind, where are you serving?*  

Intention…  Where do you want to be? What are you asking for?

Set an intention, place your attention on the details and release your attachment to the outcome.

“When you set an intention, everything that comes to you, all the thoughts, gifts, challenges, awareness, assists you in becoming the person you will need to be when you get where you are going!  “ Sister Wolf * 

Putting the pieces together… Becoming whole-er… it’s a journey…  

Deb Sellon, A Silver Cord, Walking a path of peace on earth…        


Coherence:             Heart knowing   www.heartmath.org/about-us/quick-coherence-technique-for-adults.html

Energy Exercises:              Donna Eden      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr-FEoY440g

Intention:   Kendra Bond     www.ArtThatHealsUs.com         

Labyrinth Awareness:        Metaphores for balance      Deb Sellon  at        www.ASilverCord.com 

Networking Resources:   Angels by the Sea www.angelsbythesea3333.com

Service:       Earth Lodge,  An Evolving Cooperative Community Resource     www.Atthehub.org  

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